Samstag, 7. März 2015

Let the fun begin....

In the end its 34 runners from 7 different nations now, who made the trip today to start into the second TrainingKampLipica Krk and wonderfull sunshine welcomed them in the south.

Foto by Christian Biland

The program on saturday will be a bit various: some will already start at the first stage of lipica open the others will start easy with a model even in Santa Croze before the real fun beginns.

The program from Sunday on will be the following:
Sunday morning: Controll picking Dutovlje (Lipica terrain)
Sonday afternoon: Long legs Krajna Vas (Lipica terrain)
Monday morning: Stage 3 Lipica Open middle distance - open terrain
Monday afternoon: Core strength
Tuesday morning: Partner-O Divasca (Lipica terrain)
Tuesday evening: Sprint league in old town of Omisalj - Krk
Wednesday morning: Sprint qualification and final in old town of Cres 
Wednesday afternoon: Mulitec-O  on new open-stony map of Cres
Thursday: Rest day with boat trip, jogging and core strength
Friday: Compass training and Long legs/short legs in Tramuntana forest - Cres
Saturday and Sunday: Liburnija Open

We wish all participants a fun, informative and unforgetable week!

Foto by Christian Biland

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