Invitation 2018

The idea of this training-camp is to have a well planned, high standard training mixed with an fantastic experience together with nice people in the fantastic surroundings of Lipica (SLO) and the Croatian Island Cres.

For the 3rd time and with a two years break we want to spend a fun, good organised trainingcamp with fun people. (For experiences from the previous years see the main blog page)

Generally it works like that: 
You organise travel (flight/train/car there and rental car) - we organise everything else!

We want to organise an o-camp that not only gives you possibilities of training, but a concrete schedule with thought-through sessions that make sense. Besides o-trainings there will be running sessions, strength trainings and mental trainings offered by orienteers with lots of international experience and education in coaching orienteering.  
The trainings have a high standard - with good navigation goals (compass, prospective orienteering...) and we will also do good technical sprint trainings in tricky old towns (preparation European Champs 2018!). 

We want to create an opportunity for runners with ambition to train in early spring in warmer climate in central Europe. If you have been looking for a high standard organization in a training camp or - in another case - are a not so ambitious runner who wants to experience this level of organization, you come to the right place. Young and old are welcome!

The Kamp Krk is taking place from 24th March to 2nd of April 2018. The first part of the camp will take place around Lipica (SLO) with accomodation in Miramare (ITA) until 28th of March and the second part of the camp will take place on the island Cres (CRO). On the last 4 days until the 2nd of April we will take part in the Easter4 competition on Cres. 

Details of the Program will follow. Here the preliminary schedule:

Saturday: Arriving in Miramare, Model event training

Sunday:  2 Trainings: Forest Training and Sprint Training Lipica and Koper

Monday: long training Lipica morning, afternoon running/strength exercises

Tuesday: 2 forest trainings Lipica (one relay)

Wednesday: travel to Cres - possibility for tourist activity

Thursday: Travel to Krk - two trainings - Sprint and Forest training there

Friday: morning easy sprinttraining in Cres, afternoon 1st stage Easter 4 competition

Saturday: 2nd stage Easter4

Sunday:  3rd stage Easter4 and jogging around Cres

Monday: 4th stage Easter4 and Travel home

This is a preliminary program. The trainings are not obligatory you can also choose to skip some or do some more.

The training camp has 2 parts this time - one around Lipica (SLO) until Wednesday - and one in Cres until Monday. You can also choose to just participate in one of the two parts ...however you want.
There will be also training analyse-sessions offered and theory sessions offered - and you will also get 2d-rerun files and winsplits-files for analysis.


We offer two different kinds of accomodation:

One „Cheapy“ Version A and a „Higher standard“ Version B. Both version offer good selected accomodation: while the first is more the youth-hostel-appartement type is Version B are two 3-4*Hotels.

„Lipica“: The accomodation for the Lipica-Part are directly at the see in Miramare and are 5 minutes appart from each other.

Version A: Ostello Tergeste. Nice youth hostel with breakfast and easy cooking facilities, as well as a half pension option. Rooms are for 4-8 people – as you wish.Version B: Hotel Miramare. Top 4*Hotel. Accomodation in doublerooms with seaview and balcony and breakfast buffet.


Version A: Appartements Orbanic und Hrzic directly in Cres and in walking distance from the see

Version B: Hotel Kimen 3* Hotel. Doublerooms with  seeview and buffet breakfast. 


The prize for both versions include:

  • all trainings organised (including maps, sport ident on some trainings, rogaining maps for running sessions, additional training maps etc.)
  • entry fee for 4 stages of Easter4
  • coaching, group discussion, route analysis, theory sessions, winsplits-files and mapfiles

Version A „Cheapy"
  •  4 nights accomodation in youthhostel Ostello Miramare in rooms for 4  people with breakfast (in the 8 bed room its about 15 euros cheaper totally- also double rooms are possible - the Price is slightly higher)
  •  5 nights accomodatioon in apartments in Cres 2-5 people (self cooking)
        for 9 nights per person  399 Euro
        just slovenia (4 nights) per person 249 Euro
        just croatia (5 nights) per person 222 Euro

Version B „Higher standard“

  •  4 nights accomodation in the 4*Hotel Miramare in doublerooms with seaview, balcony and buffet breakfast
  • 5 nights accomodation in 3*Hotel Kimen  in doublerooms seeside with buffet breakfast.

         for 9 nights per person 595 Euro
         just slovenia (4 nights) per person  345 Euro
         just croatia (5 nights) per person  322 Euro

For special requests Single rooms, particating just single days or a shorter period of the trainingcamp, halfboard please look at our homepage or contact us directly.
After the 31st of january there is a late entry fee of plus 10 euros.  


Zürich-Lipica: 8h
Zürich-Cres: 9h
Villach-Lipica: 2h
Villach-Cres: 3h
Wien-Lipica: 4,5h
Wien-Cres: 5,5h
Zagreb-Lipica: 2,5h
Zagreb-Cres: 2,5h
Ljubljana-Lipica: 1h
Ljubljana-Cres: 2,5h

Train Bus: 
Traings to Villach or nach Zagreb
Bus from Zürich to Rijeka:,

Zagreb Airport, Ljubljana airport, Venice or Triest are the best options to fly to. 
Zadar is 3 hours away, and not too many flights therefrom.
Good tool to look for flights:
And of course you can use your favorite searching engine to find a suitable flight for you.

Anyway you need to fix some rental car, there are many options and we can advice you if need help, but the best is probably if you check it out for yourself. If you want to hire in Croatia, this seems a good place: Or check it out under: We will also coordinate people who want to share a car - so if you are by yourself or have space in your car left please contact us.


Per our registration form here.
After 31st  of January there is a late entry payment of 10 Euros.
For any kind of questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us already now. 

There is a limited number of possible participants - so it might be wise to enter fast ;)
The minimun number of participants is 15 - if its less and you have already paid you get your money back. 

Entering and participating at this training camp is at the participant's own risk and no liability can be assumed by the organisers.

You can save the date and plan the trip. More information will follow as soon as possible - next edition in January

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