Freitag, 9. Februar 2018

Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2018

Trainingcamp MAYBE CANCELLED due to too less entries - prices changed

The first entry deadline expired yesterday and until now we dont have enough entries to organise the camp. We have a minimum number of participants set as it is quite a lot of work for us to plan all the trainings, book everything and travel there as a family etc.

We decided to give it one more week until the 7th of February. You dont have to do a fixed entry until then - its enough if you write us an email that you are interested and how high the chances are that you come. Then we can see how many emails we get - see how high the interest is and decide.
Dont miss this chance - it would be great and lots of fun

By the way: We have put down the entry prices a bit - as we were not sure if that was the reason for less entries - as it is not so many entries until now we also have little bit less work - f.ex probably dont need an extra person setting controlls etc. thats why we can put the prices down a bit. The new prices aply also for already entered people of course. The late entry fee still aplies.

Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2018

First entry deadline in one week - but first information email is enough

The first entry deadline for our training camp is already in one week. If you cant decide as fast we would be very glad if you inform us per email (kamp.krk(et) if you have in mind to participate and how many people you are. It would make it a lot easier for us if we know how many people we will be about soon and if we can organise the camp.  In the case you already wrote us an email can still participate for the first entry deadline price if you enter until the 14th of february.  Thank you :)

Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017

Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017

Kamp Kool in Slovenia and Croatia 2018

Good news!

There will be a trainingcamp again in Spring 2018.

The date will be saturday 24.3.-monday 1.4. - starting with a trainingcamp around Lipica/Triest and finishing with the easter 4 competitions on the croatian island Cres.

So the trainincamp will have 2 parts again - slovenia until about thursday and then croatia.

Keep the date save - more and detailed information will follow in the end of November.

Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015

Trainingcamp Krk 2016 posponed - TrainingcampKrk 2016 wird ausgesetzt

Dear Friends,
it was a hard decission for us but we decided to pospone the trainingcamp 2016 for one year - so there will be no camp in 2016.
The reason is that we all three are very busy at the moment: Matthias and Karin are very happy that they got parents in August. Karin working as a swiss junior orienteering coach and having a big project in alpine skiing as a sport psychologist, Matthias with his job as a programer and Philipp writing his master thesis - we are all so busy at the moment that we just cant find the time to do a professional camp like we are used to. But no worries - its just posponed not cancelled for ever.
Have a good winter training everyone and see you all in 2017!
Matthias, Karin and Philipp

Hallo zusammen,
nach einer harten Entscheidungsphase haben wir beschlossen, dass Trainingslager für 2016 auszusetezen und erst 2017 wieder ein KampKrk anzubieten.
Der Grund dafür ist dass wir es momentan zeitlich einfach nicht schaffen um ein gleich professsionelles und tolles Trainingslager zu organisieren, wie wir es gewohnt sind.

Karin und Matthias sind sehr glücklich seit August Eltern zu sein, des weiteren arbeitet Karin noch als Trainerin der Schweizer Juniorinnennationalmannschaft, und betreut als Sportpsychologin ein grosses Projekt im Alpin Ski Bereich. Matthias arbeitet noch immer als Applikationsentwickler und Philipp schreibt an seiner Masterarbeit. Auch wenn wir es zuerst dachten, liegt neben all diesen Dingen kommendes Jahr zeitlich einfach kein KampKrk drin.
Aber keine Sorge - das Lager ist nicht für immer auf Eis gelegt sonder nur ein Jahr verschoben!
Wir wünschen trotzdem ein gutes Wintertraining und hoffen euch alle 2017 wieder zu sehen.
Matthias, Karin und Philipp

Dienstag, 17. März 2015

A week to remember...

34 runners from 7 different nations and different age classes spend a rememberable week in Trieste and Krk until last sunday.

Lots of sun, good training possibilities and fun people - it was exactly how we hoped it to be! Thanks a lot to the people from the area for the good maps and printings, to the participants for the fun and uncomplicated mood and to Matthias and Phil to give their best handling everything on the scene.

Pictures tell more than words......(thanks to Matthias, Gertraud, Kristian and Ladina for the pictures)

Also the results the runners could achieve shouldnt be hided from the public (we participated in the stage 3 of Lipica Open and Liburnija Open):

Women Elite: A victory from Silje Ekroll Jahren in front of Jana Knapova (bot participating in TrainingKampKrk) in front of Tove Alexanderson at the3rd stage of Lipica open was for sure respectable. Silje could also win overal at Liburnija Open in front of Veronique Ruppenthal - who won the difficult and long stage 2 and Emelie Westli Andersen. Well done girls!

Men Elite: Here Matthias Leonhardt could show his experience and decide both stages from Liburnija open for himself. Sven Aschwanden and Sebastian Inderst were on place 2 and 3). Philipp Sauter whos shoes broke on the second day could just show his performance on the first day with a third place.

Juniors and Seniors:
In W20 Andrea Brechbühl won both stages of Liburnija Open and also stage 3 at Lipica Open. Zsofia Sarkozy could show lots of podiums in W16 at Lipica Open as well as Gertraud Leonhardt in W55 at stage 1 and 3 at Lipica Open.
Irene Müller-Bucher could win stage 3 at Lipica Open as well as both Liburnija Open stages.
Congratulations to the girls!

In the men master classes could Martin Sacher win stage 3 of Lipica Open as well as both stages of Liburnija Open where Klaus Kramer could also show a 3rd place on the first day. Well done!

For the younger yout and older seniors it was not so easy to get good results at Liburnija Open as there were reduced age classes.

 But the main goal of the camp was developing orienteering skills and we are sure everybody could work on that and we wish all our participants a good and successfull season 2015!!