Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2018

Trainingcamp MAYBE CANCELLED due to too less entries - prices changed

The first entry deadline expired yesterday and until now we dont have enough entries to organise the camp. We have a minimum number of participants set as it is quite a lot of work for us to plan all the trainings, book everything and travel there as a family etc.

We decided to give it one more week until the 7th of February. You dont have to do a fixed entry until then - its enough if you write us an email that you are interested and how high the chances are that you come. Then we can see how many emails we get - see how high the interest is and decide.
Dont miss this chance - it would be great and lots of fun

By the way: We have put down the entry prices a bit - as we were not sure if that was the reason for less entries - as it is not so many entries until now we also have little bit less work - f.ex probably dont need an extra person setting controlls etc. thats why we can put the prices down a bit. The new prices aply also for already entered people of course. The late entry fee still aplies.

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